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rose & raspberry jam


rose jam-11

A while¬†ago, my friend Oksana gave me the most enchanting¬†gift: a jar of rose petal jam from her mother¬īs garden. It was of¬†the prettiest¬†colour, a dark deep pinkish red, with countless little¬†petals throughout and that floral perfume¬†that¬īs almost¬†more beguiling¬†when¬†it ascends¬†from¬†a jar. I really love that kind of old-fashioned flower recipe, and¬†the idea of a having a mouthful of roses to stir into Greek yoghurt or fromage blanc sounded all¬†too tempting, so I wanted to recreate it. For weeks now, I¬īve been eyeing at¬†the rose bushes in our garden, and when the buds finally opened about¬†a week ago, sending subtle hints of summer scent towards anyone who crosses our foreyard, it was about time to grab my¬†scissors.

rose jam-34

rose jam-37

For¬†this jam, the roses you choose¬†have to be fragrant ones ‚Äď because in this case, what we taste is actually what we smell. I¬†wanted to eat the petals, too, so I liberally plucked off‚Ķ

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